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June 19, 2014
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Deck of Dreams

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Each deck includes 52 artworks of people’s hopes and dreams with insightful glimpses into each person’s mental health experience and the story of the creation of the deck.

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Your chance to own the Deck of Dreams! This deck is a source of inspiration, encouraging people to follow their dreams. The Deck of dreams is literally an illustrated collection of hopes and dreams shared by 52 people who have been impacted by mental health issues. The front is artwork which illustrates their dream and on the back is an uplifting, quirky, or positive message around their mental health experience.


  • 53 cards (14cm W x 10cm H)
  • 52 original artworks
  • Full colour on both sides
  • Printed in Australia
  • Quality 350gsm FSC card stock

Gold Achievement Award Winner

The Deck of Dreams was winner of the Gold Achievement Award in the consumer provided category at The Mental Health Services Conference (TheMHS) in 2013. Awarding excellence in Mental Health Service and Programs, Exceptional Contributions to the area of Mental Health, and excellence in Media in relation to Mental Health.

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Dimensions 14 × 10 × 2 cm

8 reviews for Deck of Dreams

  1. Tharusha

    I love my set of cards! They are beautifully made and very insightful with stories and dreams that I found touching and inspirational 🙂

  2. Sarah Allen

    These cards are fun for my children to look at and enjoy as well as for me to read and gain inspiration from – wonderful!

  3. Kate

    I am privileged to work alongside people at various stages of their recovery journeys. The Deck of Dreams is a wonderful resource to inspire the people I work with to consider what their own dreams are and to create their own vision for a meaningful future. I love the Deck of Dreams, as do all of my colleagues with whom I have shared it.

  4. Shyam

    Highly recommended resource to uplift, inspire and make you smile! These cards provide for the perfect reminder to reflect on all that is possible, beautiful and transformative within us all despite our life circumstance.

  5. Melanie Lambert

    Jenny has made a dream come alive, for herself and others. The cards are beautifully done and a joy to read. I feel priveleged to have been a part of it

  6. Michael B

    The deck of dreams is a great tool for awakening potential in professional development courses. Users will gain insight into their strengths and be provided a flight plan for enhancing their skill set.

    For personal growth it is essential for those who wish to add reflection to their daily goals and for those who are seeking positive change in their life.

    The cards also have potential in therapeutic support, mental health, the educational sector and in holistic health fields.

    I can’t stop talking about the innovation and potential of the deck of dreams. Highest recommendation!

  7. Sue

    I found the insight, courage, dreams and hopes expressed by those who created each card so uplifting that I passed on sets to people I know who would be inspired and supported by their content.

  8. Roxie

    I have my deck placed on my coffee table. They always get complimented when visitors come over. Love them!

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