5 Simple Writing Prompts for your Pregnancy Journal

5 Simple Writing Prompts for your Pregnancy Journal

5 Fun Simple Prompts Pregnancy Prompts
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Title Photo by Jessica Lewis on Unsplash

Starting a pregnancy journal?

Looking at a blank page may be invigorating for some, for me it was daunting, you might feel the same. I had high hopes for this journal, it was going to be a keepsake for my future baby. I wanted there to be parts of journal that were reflective and mindful, but I also wanted some fun bits sprinkled in.

If you have thoughts, layered with feelings, sandwiched between emotions and aren’t sure how to write them down, here are 5 simple (and fun) journal prompts to help you get started. You’ll be writing down your pregnancy memories in no time!

Pregnancy Cravings Frequenye Chart

Cravings – Feed the Belly

Pregnancy cravings, oh the sudden desire to eat a specific type of food (or drink)! Interestingly, it’s still not known why pregnancy cravings happen.

There were a lot of times I craved foods I wasn’t allowed, isn’t that always the way? Then there were times when I could eat what I craved, and sometimes it was even healthy. According to WebMD, only 10% of pregnant women crave fruits and vegetables. I hit the craving jackpot.

What foods do you crave?

Let’s start with something super simple. Note down a craving you have each day, it doesn’t have to be every craving, and it might even be the same craving. If you’re adventurous and enjoy plotting data (I’m guilty),  Canva is great for making a pretty bar chart.

I like big bellies, I cannot lie

Are you at the stage of checking out your profile in the mirror to see if there’s a bump? Is it a food baby, or is that baby showing? I know I did! A great way to keep track of baby’s growth is by measuring your belly size. I used photos to see the growth, but as a data loving mum-to-be, I liked seeing the statistics and numbers too. If you’re super keen, you can also record your weight.

Measure your belly as baby grows, week by week

All you need for this fun prompt is a soft tape measure. You can get one at Spotlight ($2.25 AUD) or two at Woolies ($3.00 AUD) or a soft and retractable set at Kmart ($3.00 AUD). Otherwise, if you’re interested in a bit of DIY, you can use a long piece of string (or paper and sticky tape if you don’t have string) and measure it with any ruler you already have. Either way, you can plot the data to see the growth or just delight in the numbers. Once baby has arrived you can look back and show them how big you were when they were snug in your womb.

Stranger things…

As your bump becomes bigger, you may notice people starting to give you advice, tell you stories or even try to touch your belly. Your pregnancy journal is a beautiful way to record these memories and share with your little one when they’re older.

What have strangers said to you?

Whether it’s useful information, or not, you may wish to record some of the things people have said to you along the way. One of my highlights was while I was traveling in Japan (oh to be in Tokyo and not eat sashimi – hard, very hard). It was while I we were at the Robot Restaurant, the woman sitting next to me happened to be a midwife and she had some great advice. She said, these are three things to remember when when your baby is here:

  • Spend time after the birth with just your new little family
  • Teach them to swim
  • Read to them everyday

The only reason I remember all three pieces of advice, is because I wrote it down!

Another highlight was when I was dining in a Vietnamese restaurant, in Newtown (Sydney’s Inner West), and the manager took a look at my belly and said, you’re going to have a boy. All the women in my family who ate Pho, had boys. He was very confident. I had a girl.

I’m just toying with you

There’s so much out there about what toys are best for baby, the ones that have the most educational value, the ones that are good for the environment or the ones that are beautiful to see and touch. But, what about the toys from your childhood? Imagine how special it would be to share these toys with your baby when they come into the world!

Make a list of your favourite childhood toys

It only takes a few minutes of thinking back to remember all of the toys, and activities that brought you joy when you were younger. Close your eyes, think back to when you were small and write down all the toys and games you loved as a child. Many of these toys may not be available anymore, or they’ve been upgraded into another form.

For an extra prompt, write about why these toys were your favourites and the games you used to play with them. Did you invent your own games? Write these down too!

Oh the places we’ll go

There may be many things on your list of places to see, and when your little one is here that list may grow. There are magical places near and far, for me, my backyard was one of my favourite places, and the local park too. Which places from your childhood are still around?

Write about the places you baby to see

Traveling may not be on your agenda for a little while, so you can start writing about all the scenes and sights you want to share with baby. I can’t look at a playground now without thinking about how my daughter’s little feet will stomp around and climb when she’s able. The places you want to show your baby might be local, like your favourite park, museum, or beach. They could be far, and places you haven’t been to. Write it all down, then you can look back and visit all the places you wrote in your journal.

Looking for the perfect journal to record your memories?

Bump to Baby Pregnancy Journal has been designed with you in mind

A pregnancy journal unlike any other. You’ll see the fruits and vegetable sizes of your baby week by week, and a drawing of the fetus growing each turn of the page. If you’re searching for a journal to write down your treasured memories, take a look at Bump to Baby.

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