Bipolar Blessing - An Illustrated Journey
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Why Write?

The idea for a book was born one of the many restless nights I had from 14th August to 31st August, 2009. The average amount of solid sleep I had during those 17 nights was about 2 - 4 hours. Interestingly, during the day I felt more alert than I ever did before. Bring on the mania.

Usually a deep sleeper, during this time my perceptions were so heightened that my thoughts woke me up. Each night I would wake with an overwhelming compulsion to write down a stream of words or spring into action. This experience is my proof that the mind is capable of amazing things and belief is its only limitation.

What an experience it was. Everyone told me I’d experienced another acute manic episode... maybe. The label is not important but what we do with the experience is. How can we use these experiences to transform our lives?


Jennifer Aboki




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Introduction and Purpose

This is my story. It is not remarkable in any way; it is simply my truth, no more and no less. Everyone has a story, each unique, each worth telling. This is mine.
There are parts of this book which I wrote in hospital while I was ‘manic’. Perhaps it is incredibly obvious which parts of my prose play on the edge of sanity. Perhaps it is not. Maybe the point is that really, is it possible to achieve an agreement on what is considered delusional or conventional? It may interest you to keep that in mind when you read.