Consent Form

Please read through this page before submitting your dream. By ticking the box you agree to the terms and conditions as written below.

By way of background, Deck of Dreams Project is a collaborative community project run by Jennifer Aboki. The idea of the Deck of Dreams Project is to gather a collection of hopes and dreams from people who have been impacted by mental health issues. The hopes and dreams will be expressed creatively and transformed into a deck of 52 cards. It will be a portable gallery of goodness with positive, inspiration, quirky and real messages of hope around mental health.

This is to confirm that I:

  1. Freely and voluntarily and irrevocably consent to my artwork to being used to advertise the Deck of Dreams project and in the Deck of Dreams itself.
  2. Have the full legal right and capacity to grant this consent.
    • Acknowledge and agree that: no fee or remuneration will be paid to me and that I will make no claim for payment or other compensation against Jennifer Aboki or the Deck of Dreams Project in relation to this consent;
    • I will retain the rights to my artwork and I will be credited for the use of my artwork;
    • Jennifer Aboki, her licensees and assigns may use my artwork , either wholly or in part, in any manner or form whatsoever and in any medium or format in relation to the Deck of Dreams Project;
    • My artwork may be altered in any manner whatsoever, will be used either separately or in conjunction with other material including without limitation other artwork (or parts thereof), drawings, illustrations, text or advertising; and
    • Jennifer Aboki has no obligation to use any of my artwork in the Deck of Dreams Project.

The privacy and confidentiality of the information held about you will be respected. Personal information will only be given to another person or otherwise disclosed in accordance with this release or required or authorised by law.

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