A Pregnancy Countdown - Hand painted with Fruits and Veggies

A Pregnancy Countdown and Art Prints

A Pregnancy Countdown and Art Prints Playful Designs and Stationery - Creative Wellbeing - Made in Australia
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The Birth of Bump to Baby

Over 12 months of preparation it’s finally here! Bump to Baby: A creative hand painted pregnancy countdown. A fun, beautiful way to follow baby’s growth. A unique gift. Part art, part journal.

It started with a conversation, when my friend was 14 weeks pregnant. She told me her baby was the size of a lemon. I found this fascinating, from that point on I knew I wanted to create something special. So I set to work finding more about this fruit and vegetable comparison phenomenon.

Baby lemon, he is now 8 months, these cards will still make fantastic nursery prints, a beautiful mural of fruits and vegetables to brighten up any wall! The deck will consist of 35 x Full Colour A5 (210mm x 148mm or 8.3″ x 5.8″ – half an A4 page)

Your Support

How can you help? If you like the idea, or know someone who might, please share the project. Pledges start from $1 and every bit counts. You’ll receive some cool rewards too, YAY! Most importantly you’ll help make this project come to life and help create some cute, quirky memories along the way.


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Jen Aboki
Jen Aboki
Founder of mindgarden.me. Maker of art, former speech pathologist, and mum of one. Her designs promote wellbeing and embrace playfulness. She hopes her creations will sprinkle a little fun and happiness into the world.

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