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February 16, 2015
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My Weekday Pie Zentangle

I have discovered Zentangle. The Zen art of doodling. When I see a blank piece of paper, I am compelled to pick up a pen. The beauty of Zentangle is the white space is only 8.9 x 8.9 cm (79.21cm²) or in my case a generous 10 x 10cm, I homemade some tiles. Admittedly, as an artist, doodling is one of my talents, however I still found the process of the Zentangle satisfying. In it’s essence, it’s not anything new, but it does enable everyone to experience the joy of doodling. Part of my work involves facilitating activities, a favourite activity is our trips to the library (and lunch). On one such adventure I decided to join the library and participate in the joys of borrowing books. As tempting as it was to borrow up to the 15 book limit, I settled for a modest 5 books. One Zentangle a Day: A 6 week course in creative drawing for relaxation, inspiration and fun. I’m ready for 6 weeks of fun, and I will be bringing people along for the ride.

My First "Original" Project

Pies aren't really my thing, I don't like to eat them often. Mathematical pies on the other hand are my thing, they are pretty and represent interesting data (did I mention I am keen on infographics?) So I made a Zentangle pie to represent my typical weekday. Seems that during the week I lead a simple life, sleeping and working most the time with splashes of food, fun and movement.

A cute thing about the Zentangles is they each have names, for my pie I've flaunted Crescent Moon, Hollibaugh, Poke Root, Nipa, Flukes and adaptations of Jonqual and Static.

What does your weekday pie look like?

Jen Aboki
Jen Aboki
Jen Aboki loves nothing more than to create, she's a handmade over store bought kinda girl. One of her big dreams is to encourage the world to feel positively about mental health, share the laughs, tears, ups and downs. is a place where Jen brings to life the stuff she dreams about. Interested in working with Jen? She loves creating websites, logos, graphics and speaking (sprinkled with some stand up comedy)

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