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I start this post with a question that has crossed my mind a couple, okay it may have been more than a couple, of times these past few weeks. WHY? What is the purpose of dedicating time to a project? For me, it’s been a about balancing my desire to be constructive and produce things that are useful and perhaps even inspiring, and my desire just to do what I want to do. Fortunately, this balancing act hasn’t been too difficult as what I want to do relates quite closely with, hopefully, things others may find useful. I’ve been at my Tumblr blog for a couple of months now. It’s actually really easy to use so I’ve had fun with it. While I’ve been playing around with that, the Deck of Dreams project is nearly at completion. Well, the part where I gather all the images anyway. I’ve neglected PlanBig, and so I endeavour to be more vigilant with these things. I really hope that people do visit mindgarden and that I am happily writing away far into the future.

Mental health is an awkward term, it doesn’t really feel like the right words to use for the experiences I’ve had, or the experiences of those around me. However, it’s the term that a vast majority agree upon so it’s easier to refer to it in that way. It was Mental Health month in October, and I ran 3 Deck of Dreams workshops. Exhausting, yet very fulfilling. I really do hope this project continues to grow and I believe creativity, art and expression of dreams is so important to life. Thank you for joining me and being a part of this journey.

Jen Aboki
Jen Aboki
I love nothing more than to create, I'm a handmade over store bought kinda girl. One of my big dreams is to encourage the world to feel positively about mental health, share the laughs, tears, ups and downs, and a light-hearted approach to this traditionally serious and statistically steeped topic.

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