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January 10, 2012
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Finding your purpose?

Signpostpur – puh’s

As defined by the online dictionary: the reason for which something exists or is done, made, used etc.

What seems to be a simple thing, can lead to a life of searching for one’s ultimate purpose. The reason for which you exist. That is quite a statement, and definitely infers you are here for more than just  to take up air and a space on this planet, Earth in case it’s become unrecognisable to you in it’s chaos. Through my, relatively short – in comparison to that of a 219 year old turtle – life, I’ve pondered upon my purpose only a handful of times. I don’t think I even thought about such a thing until a couple of years ago. Back then, life was simply complicated in it’s simplicity. A repetitive motion of sleep, eat, move, talk, study/work, sleep etc. Through my experiences, I’ve awoken a few times to knowing there is a greater purpose for me, beyond this cycle… only to lose it again in the next wave of self pity or unworthiness. When does it stop? It stops when you are dead. So as long as I am living, I will be going through some cycle and it’s up to me to make it interesting.

Deck of Dreams is one of my dreams. I’ve nursed it from when it was just a flippant notion on the bottom of a mountain, to now, an actual seed which has the potential to grow into something. What is my dream? How do our dreams relate to our purpose and are they one of the same? One of my greatest dreams is to guide people to their dreams. And once that dream is found, to ensure that all the supports are there to make it happen. Then once that is done and dusted, to find another dream. Now that is a cycle I find more than interesting.

Jen Aboki
Jen Aboki
Jen Aboki loves nothing more than to create, she's a handmade over store bought kinda girl. One of her big dreams is to encourage the world to feel positively about mental health, share the laughs, tears, ups and downs. is a place where Jen brings to life the stuff she dreams about. Interested in working with Jen? She loves creating websites, logos, graphics and speaking (sprinkled with some stand up comedy)

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