Brought back from the brink of doom

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January 3, 2012
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January 21, 2012
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Brought back from the brink of doom

Okay so it’s not as drastic as it sounds. I was able to reinvigorate the site with swiping headers (the images at the top that keep rotating, in case you’re not familiar with the lingo). Parts of the images were redeemed from a failed project to create and sell Wedding Invitations. I had a lot of artwork which I never thought would see the light of day. Wonderfulment! I am thrilled that I could use them on the site. It’s the small things that excite me. And now on to content and other tweaks around the site. I love being a web nerd!

Jen Aboki
Jen Aboki
I love nothing more than to create, I'm a handmade over store bought kinda girl. One of my big dreams is to encourage the world to feel positively about mental health, share the laughs, tears, ups and downs, and a light-hearted approach to this traditionally serious and statistically steeped topic.

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