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The Deck of Dreams is literally 52 artworks illustrating 52 people’s hopes and dreams, with positive messages around mental health. It is a source of inspiration and a conversation about who you are, not your labels. Share in the insightful mental health experiences of a community.

You’ll also find quirky personalised printables that make you think. I’m all about creating art that inspires and encourages positivity. I love doodling and creating new artworks. My favourite medium is digital, closely followed by Gouache – just a tad thicker than watercolour and well suited to my finicky needs.

My current project has been a labour of love, pun intended, and involves life sized paintings of fruit and vegetable cross sections. Bump to Baby is a creative hand painted pregnancy countdown. A fun, beautiful way to follow baby's growth. A unique gift. Part art, part journal. This project fits in with my need to create practical fun colourful stuff!

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