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April 12, 2015
Journey from Blueberry to Pumpkin

Bump to Baby

A creation sparked by a pregnancy and a conversation about a lemon.
A beautiful, meaningful and practical gift for new and expecting parents

Beautifully Painted

Created from life sized gouache paintings. Colourful, realistic cross sections of fruits and vegetables.

Follow the Growth

Countdown with a visual journey of baby's growth week by week and learn interesting facts along the way.

Record the Journey

A little bit quirky with creative prompts to help remember the moments that make you smile.

Share the Memories

A treasure to keep forever. Share with your child once they have grown.

What is Bump to Baby?

Bump to Baby is pregnancy journal. A hand painted series of fruits and vegetables illustrate the pregnancy journey. Each week, the average fetus size is represented by a different fruit or vegetable. Bump to Baby is a delightful way to follow baby’s growth and record your unique pregnancy journey. Part art, part journal.

A Beautiful Gift

The journal process is open and flexible. Some ideas include writing to your baby, sharing your thoughts and feelings or having loved ones contribute. We included colourful sticker prompts to help you customise your story! As the weeks go by pick and choose which prompts to use to allow you to consider different aspects of your pregnancy and future with baby. Use as many or as little as you like. In the end, you will have a priceless gift to share with your baby when they are older.


A grand adventure is about to begin...



Creator: Jen Aboki,
Price: $35

Bump to Baby

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Created with Love


Bump to Baby started when Jen Aboki heard the words "We must meet in person" from her dear friend. When they met, Jen squealed, her friend was pregnant. She admired her 14 week bump. “Did you know, my baby is the size of a lemon?" Her question lit up Jen’s brain. Lemons started floating in her mind. This gave her an idea for the perfect gift. It would be a gift which was a bit different to the usual bibs, nappies and onesies. So over 12 months, she painted, painted and painted some more. Secretly, she looks forward to giving this gift to herself when the time comes.

Since starting the paintings for Bump to Baby, Jen realised this gift would be great for a lot of expecting parents. By creating Bump to Baby, Jen believes she has solved all her baby present dilemmas. The next time a friend shares the news, she'll have a gift that is the perfect balance between pretty and practical.

Jen Aboki

Bump to Baby Creator

Jen loves to create, she's a handmade over store bought kinda girl. Her experience as a speech pathologist showed her that communication is more than just words and that’s why she loves art.

Baby Harry

Bump to Baby Inspiration

As a 14 week old fetus, baby Harry inspired the creation of this project. Harry is now a little human being and currently happily exploring the world with his mum and dad.

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