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Strawberry Watermelon Cake

Thermomix Style

Strawberry Watermelon Cake

"Fresh, light, fragrant. This cake has become their signature ... The cake consists of two layers of almond dacquoise, fresh whipped cream, watermelon, Strawberries, Iranian pistachios and rose petals" - From the Black Star Pastry

I love this cake so much it was my wedding cake. When I found the recipe on Google it was destined to be created in my kitchen. The original recipe is by Black Star Pastry and I found it on Gourmet Traveller. Two of us were in the kitchen for this, and it took a while to complete. I am keen to make it again to refine the Thermomix component of the recipe so it’s easier and more efficient. In the end, it was a very satisfying creation, and so delicious. The recipe below has been modified slightly (I found I didn’t need as many strawberries so depending on your arranging style, you may like to get some more in case).




Prep Time


Cook Time


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  1. Preheat oven to 200°C
  2. Almond Dacquoise
  3. If you are milling your own almond meal*, mill the total amount needed for recipe, 190g. Pour into separate bowl. Clean TM bowl.
  4. If milling your own sugar mill the amount needed for the whole recipe, 205 g for caster sugar*, put aside then 150g for icing sugar*. Leave the freshly milled 150g icing sugar in TM bowl. Next add 150g almond meal from Step 2. Stir 10 seconds/Reverse/Speed 3. Pour into another bowl. Clean TM bowl.
  5. Measure 135g of caster sugar (milled from step 3).
  6. Place egg whites in TM bowl. Insert butterfly. Whisk 4 minutes/37°C/Speed 4/MC off. At the 3 minute mark gradually add caster sugar.
  7. Add almond meal/icing sugar mixture from Step 4, to TM bowl. Stir 5 seconds/Reverse/Speed 3 or until almond mixture folded in.
  8. Remove butterfly and spread mixture on to baking paper lined tray (40cm x 30cm). Clean TM bowl.
  9. Place tray in pre-heated oven for 10 - 15 minutes (check for a golden brown colour ). Once ready, cool on tray, then cut in half lengthways.
  10. Macerated Watermelon
  11. Slice watermelon into triangles, equal thickness (less than 1 cm). Place them on a wire rack.
  12. Sprinkle with 20 ml rosewater, the 20 g caster sugar. Meanwhile start on the rose-scented cream.
  13. Rose-scented cream
  14. Insert butterfly. Place 300ml cream and 30 g caster sugar in TM bowl. 60 seconds/Speed 3, towards the end add the 2 tbsp of rosewater. Check the density and continue whipping, do not exceed speed 3.
  15. Spread a third of the cream over one layer of dacquoise, scatter with half the remaining almond meal . Place the watermelon to cover the layer. Scatter with the rest of the almond meal and spread half of the remaining cream. Top with remaining dacquoise and spread remaining cream ontop. Place in fridge (ideally for 1 - 2 hours ).
  16. For the top: Macerated Strawberry and Grapes
  17. Combine strawberries, remaining rosewater and remaining caster sugar in a bowl, toss to combine and set aside for 15 minutes to macerate.
  18. Arrange strawberries, grapes, slivered pistachios and sprinkle with rose petals. Enjoy!
*Recipe Notes Caster Sugar: Place 205 g sugar into TM bowl. Mill for 3 seconds/Speed 8. Icing Sugar: Place 150 g sugar in TM bowl. Mill for 60 seconds/Speed 9. Repeat 3 times. Almond Meal: Place 190 g almonds in TM bowl. Mill for 20 seconds/Speed 9. Repeat until fine consistency achieved. Rose Petals: If you're in Sydney, you can get some beautiful rose petals from Alfalfa House in Newtown. Extra Watermelon? I had lots of watermelon left over, it was a 1 kg slice! So with any extra slices and watermelon you can blend in the Thermomix - 30 seconds/speed 9. I had enough for two drinks, add a little rosewater if you're feeling adventurous.
Jen Aboki
Jen Aboki
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