January 3, 2012

Weekly Illustration Challenge – Speakers

Drawing, it’s one of those hobbies I always say I will spend time on, and then when the time comes I find myself lacking the inspiration to know what to paint. So I decided to follow the Munchs Cronch weekly drawing challenge. Hopefully this is the start of a creative 2012 with plenty of illustrations and random ideas.
January 9, 2012

Brought back from the brink of doom

Okay so it’s not as drastic as it sounds. I was able to reinvigorate the site with swiping headers (the images at the top that keep rotating, in case you’re not familiar with the lingo). Parts of the images were redeemed from a failed project to create and sell Wedding Invitations. I had a lot of artwork which I never thought would see the light of day. Wonderfulment! I am thrilled that I could use them on the site. It’s the small things that excite me. And now on to content and other tweaks around the site. I love being […]
January 10, 2012

Banana Smoothie – Delicious and Nutritious

Occasionally at my workplace there is a surplus of food which we are encouraged to take home. This time round it was a bunch (or a couple of bunches) of bananas. The first thought that came to mind was: banana smoothie time. Despite being quite the novice in the kitchen I knew smoothies were within my skill range. With the aid of my friend, Google, I found a recipe and modified it in consultation with my taste buds. What’s more, all the ingredients I needed were already in the kitchen so no shopping required. Alternatives? Results of my cooking experiments verify […]
January 21, 2012

Finding your purpose?

pur – puh’s As defined by the online dictionary: the reason for which something exists or is done, made, used etc. What seems to be a simple thing, can lead to a life of searching for one’s ultimate purpose. The reason for which you exist. That is quite a statement, and definitely infers you are here for more than just  to take up air and a space on this planet, Earth in case it’s become unrecognisable to you in it’s chaos. Through my, relatively short – in comparison to that of a 219 year old turtle – life, I’ve pondered upon […]
January 23, 2012

Copic Ciao Markers… So Delightful

I love colours! COPIC is a brand of marker from Japan (of course) with oodles of colours, from brights to pastels. I may have bitten off more than I can chew when I ordered my 72 COPIC Ciao Marker set on the weekend via ebay… they will be coming in from the UK, saving me about $100! I will be like a child on Christmas day when the package arrives. In the mean time, to inspire me and to justify my markerific purchase, I looked for examples of artists using COPIC markers – here are a handful [ anatoliba | IsisMasshiro – […]
March 30, 2012

Deck of Dreams Update… it’s been a while

Yes, it’s been a while. This is how it happens, you get enthusiastic about a project and then somewhere along the way that enthusiasm dissipates and you’re left with random specks of inspiration. So it’s with these specks I write this post. The Wayside Chapel and St Vincent’s Hospital have come on board to support the Deck of Dreams (or could be affectionately known as DOD). I still see DOD as in it’s infancy and at this stage it still requires plenty of time and energy to grow. There will be a “grand opening” for DOD at St Vincent’s Hospital […]